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Vacations aren’t complete without a visit to some cool theme park. Either because you want to treat your kids, or because you love the adrenaline high of scary rides, visiting an amusement park is always a fun complement to any trip. And Barcelona doesn’t lack of an exciting offer! There’s options conveniently located in the city, if you only have a few hours to spare, and there’s choices outside of Barcelona in case you can invest an entire day out of time. And in the Summer season… the offer duplicates with water parks!

Best amusement parks in Barcelona


Tibidabo, THE amusement park in Barcelona

Child at the Airplane of Tibidabo, one of the oldest Theme Parks in Barcelona, Spain

The Parc d’Atraccions del Tibidabo is the oldest amusement park in Spain, and the 5th oldest in Europe. Inaugurated in 1901, this theme park is located at the top of the Tibidabo Hill, overlooking Barcelona, what makes the views from many rides a remarkable part of the experience. The Blue Tram (tramvia blau – now out of service) and the Funicular (now known as Cuca de Llum) were some of the earliest rides, followed by the Ferrocarril Aereo (a panoramic gondola still functioning under the name of Embruixabruixes, now with added sound and light effects).

Another emblematic ride, the Talaia, wasn’t added until the 1920’s: a lookout tower with two carts that turn around an axe. The Haunted Castle (now not so scary anymore and themed in fairy tales as Castell dels Contes) came in the 1950, and the bumper cars followed in the 1960’s, and after the 1980’s the goal was to incorporate modern rides. Presently the amusement park is divided in two main areas: the Panoramic Area in the upper level, including emblematic and vintage rides such as the Talaia, the Airplane, the Giradabo (ferris wheel), the Carousel and the Museum of Automats. 

Then the full pass ticket allows you access to all the other levels. Some of the best rides are the flying chairs, the terror tunnel, the mine train with 3D glasses, the roller coaster, the bumper cars, the water coaster, the pirate boat… The age range that enjoys this park the most is 6 to 12yo, as once they are 110cm / 43.5 inches height they can access most rides, although for a small number they’ll have to wait until they are 120cm/ 47.50 inches height, or go with an adult. Younger kids also have some options, but not so many (and it can be frustrating for them if they go with older siblings). And teenagers will also have fun, as long as you set the right expectations, as there aren’t many adrenaline rides here.

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