View of some islands near Barcelona (Spain)


Islands have a certain fascinating je-ne-sais-quoi. This feel of being absolutely surrounded by sea water, as if it was a tiny and unique world. Barcelona (Spain) is certainly not an island, and there are no islands in Barcelona city. But depending on how far you are happy to travel, there are actually several islands close to Barcelona worth exploring.
If you have big ambitions and will consider traveling by air or sea, the Balearic Islands are a quick flight off Barcelona, and only an overnight sail from it. Each of the four islands there has its own personality and appeals to different publics, offering you a variety of distinct attractions and things to do, plus many gorgeous Mediterranean beaches. But while a one day trip to one of them is possible if you are flying, they are large enough to want to spend a few days there.

Islands around Barcelona: Mallorca

But if you are more of an explorer that want to get off the beaten path, rent a car and drive no more than 3 hours away from Barcelona so you can be back to the city in the evening, there’s also so small islands that are worth checking out for their scenic landscapes and unique nature. Are you ready to discover them?

Balearic Islands (Islas Baleares / Illes Balears)



The Island of Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands, and it takes under 1.5 hours to cross it from end to end. Here is the capital of the archipelago, Palma de Mallorca, and it features 2 airports and 1 international port. This island offers the largest variety of tourist attractions and things to do, which makes it a suitable destination for everyone. Palma de Mallorca has a nice shopping district, a quaint medieval quarter with an impressive Cathedral, a Joan Miro Museum. Foodies will love to stroll around the Sant Joan market. Youngsters will have a blast with the nightlife. Kids will have fun taking the Soller train and visiting the Coves del Drac and other stalactite caves. Nature lovers need to visit the natural parks of S’Albufera and the Península de Llevant. And music lovers can’t miss Valldemossa, where Chopin spent a couple of months while in Spain.

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