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What content has been the favorite IN 2021?

2022 has been the year of the recovery. Finally the pandemic started slowing down and people were able to start traveling again. At ForeverBarcelona we started receiving visitors in Spring, but the season didn’t peak until June. It’s been so much fun to be back in the streets and see the sites reopen! And of course, we’ve continued to publish our weekly newsletters and creating new blog posts that will help you organize your trip to Spain! Are you curious to know what’s been our most popular content? Check it out:


Blog posts with most traffic

This year the traffic to our blog has been increasing and we are happy to announce that we are back to our usual traffic, if not better. But there’s been some surprises in the rank of most popular blog posts: after two years of being #1, our post about the Saints of the Cathedral drops to #5. The top position goes now  to a post published in August 2021: the one about the Sagrada Familia Towers.

Things to do on Sunday goes from #5 to #2, then #3 is a new post from 2022: How to say cheers in Spain. La Rambla restaurants goes from #10 to #4, switching places with the post on Documentaries. On #6 the post about 5 days in Barcelona stays in the same position as last year. Then the positions #7 to #9 are posts that didn’t show in the rankings last year. Let’s see which ones:

View of the towers of Sagrada Familia (Barcelona, Spain)
Are the Sagrada Familia towers worth it?
  1. Are the Sagrada Familia towers worth it?
  2. Things to do on Sunday in Barcelona
  3. How to say Cheers in Spanish
  4. Good restaurants in Las Ramblas
  5. Saints that protect you in the Cathedral of Barcelona
  6. Itinerary for 5 days in Barcelona
  7. What’s the meaning of Salvador Dali’s paintings?
  8. Things to do in Barcelona for young adults
  9. Where to watch football in Barcelona (sports bars)
  10. Documentaries about Spain

Sunday in Barcelona | ForeverBarcelona
What To Do In Barcelona On Sunday?

Helpful Barcelona Cathedral saints
Saints that protect you in the Cathedral of Barcelona

Young adults in Barcelona
Things to do for young adults in Barcelona

People toasting with Spanish cheers expressions
How to say cheers in Spanish

Itinerary for Barcelona in five days
A Perfect Barcelona 5 Day Itinerary

Barcelona bars to watch soccer
Where to watch soccer (Sport bars)

People walking to a Rambla Restaurant selected by us
La Rambla Restaurants That Are Not A Tourist Trap

Elephants in Salvador Dali paintings meanings
The meaning of Salvador Dali’s paintings

Barcelona Documentaries
Documentaries about Spain


Most opened newsletters

Every week, when we post in our blog, we also send it to our newsletters subscribers (aren’t you subscribed yet? do it here now).  It’s not easy to find new topics to talk about, one per week means almost 50 posts per year!  And of course, some of them are more popular than other. For this ranking we looked at the newsletters with most openings, but also to those that more people click to continue reading them on the blog.

And there’s two that are almost tied, in both top opening and top click through percentages: the one about the Montjuic Magic Fountain, and the list of top tourist attractions. Following from not too far is the post about siesta in Spain, also ranking high in openings and click-through. There’s two more posts that are in the Top 10 rankings for opening and clicks, both about Gaudi sites: the one about Casa Vicens, and the one on Palau Guell.

View of the Magic Fountain of Barcelona
The Magic Fountain Show of Montjuic
  1. Magic Fountain Show
  2. Barcelona Tourist Attractions
  3. Siesta time!
  4. Casa Vicens
  5. Palau Guell
  6. Tarragona restaurants
  7. Barcelona architects
  8. Costa Brava restaurants
  9. Tarragona Hotels
  10. Girona Cathedral

Collage of best attractions in Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona Tourist Attractions

Antoni Gaudi Palau Guell (Barcelona, Spain)
Gaudi’s Palau Guell interior

Cadaques, where you'll find some of the best restaurants in Costa Brava
Costa Brava restaurants

Woman and dog practizing the old Spanish siesta tradition
All about siesta time in Spain

Best Tarragona city view
Best Tarragona restaurants

Amphitheater seen from the best hotels in Tarragona, Spain
Best Tarragona hotels

Outside view of La Casa Vicens
Visiting Casa Vicens

Buildings by famous barcelona architects
Best architects in Barcelona

Cathedral (Girona, Spain)
Visit the Girona Cathedral


Most visited tours

People are back to touring, and there aren’t a lot of surprises: most of our most visited tours aren’t in the ranking for the first time. For instace, Top-1 and Top-2 haven’t moved from the podium. No surprises here: Gaudi Tour and the day trip to Montserrat. The tapas tour takes the 3 position, switching with the shopping tour, that is sent to the #5 place. And the Sagrada Familia tour stays steadily on the 4rth position.

The Gothic Quarter Tour and the Tour in Mercedes Car resist on their #7 and #10 spots. So the only new entries are the Roman Tour ranking #8 and the Food tour now positioned in #9 place.

There’s been some new tours showing in the rank (the Sagrada Familia tour and our mini-tours are somehow recently added to our tour portfolio). And I’ve seen some movement with ups and downs around the Top-15.

The only drastic change has been our Full Day Tour of Barcelona dropping from #6 to #44! Either people aren’t interested in long tours anymore (budget? social contact?) or it’s a SEO issue that needs to be addressed. So what about you? Is your favorite tour one of our Top-10 this year?

  1. Private Gaudi Tour
  2. Montserrat Tour
  3. Tapas Tour
  4. Sagrada Familia Tour
  5. Shopping Tour
  6. Walking tour of the Gothic Quarter
  7. Roman Ruins Tour
  8. Food Tour of Barcelona
  9. Barcelona Tour in Mercedes Car
  10. Jewish Tour

Private Barcelona Gaudi Tour
Private Gaudi Tour

Sagrada Familia Church, by Antoni Gaudi
Fast Track Sagrada Familia Private Tour

Old Ruins of Roman Barcino
Roman Ruins Tour

Montserrat Basilica on Tour
Montserrat Day trip

Lady on a Barcelona Shopping Tour with us
Private Barcelona Shopping Tour

Moments of our Food Tour in Barcelona
Best Food Tour in Barcelona with Boqueria Market

Private Tapas Tour of Barcelona
Gourmet Tapas Tour

Walking Tour of Barri Gotic, Barcelona, Spain
Walking Tour of Barri Gotic

barcelona city tours highlights
Highlights Tour by Car

What do you want us to write about in 2023?

We are planning our content calendar for next year. We’ve been publishing since 2012, and we’ve seen that some of our old post are getting dated, so we are planning to work on updating them and repost them. We are sure that many of our new subscribers might not have seen them, so refreshing the content and sharing it once it’s up to date again seems like a great idea. But what would you love to read about? Architecture? Food? Travel tips? Barcelona-related items you can buy online? Recipes? Books?

Send us your ideas by replying to this email (if you are reading our newsletters) or leaving a comment below (if you are reading the post in our website) and we’ll love to take them into account!







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Marta is the founder of ForeverBarcelona. She is a passionate tour guide that loves Barcelona and loves writing too. She is the main author of our Blog, and is committed to sharing her knowledge about Barcelona and her best tips with our readers.

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