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Orange wine can mean two different things in Spain. “Vino de naranja” is a wine that has been fortified with alcohol macerated with orange rind. The result is similar to Vermouth, and in Spain it’s typical from Andalusia where they use oranges from Seville (which is why you’ll often hear it referred as Seville orange wine). Instead “vino naranja” has nothing to do with oranges. It is a white wine made with white grapes that are left to ferment with their skins on, the same way it’s done with reds and rosés. The main difference is that for reds and rosés you use red grapes, and that for rosés the skins are only left fermenting for a few hours – just to get a color touch.

For the goal of this post we’ll be focusing in the second type of orange wines (since Seville orange wine is hard to find outside of the Seville area). Orange wines are now gaining popularity, and now that the Holy Season is coming, serving it during your family meals is a sure way to wow everyone. Bonus point: most of them incorporate lower levels of sugar and tend to be natural wines.

High end Spanish Orange wine


O Morto Combullo

O Morto Combullo: best orange wine from Spain

Meet the very best Orange wine from Spain, rated 94 by the prestigious Parker wine guide. This natural byodynamic vegan wine ferments spontaneously from the yeast contained by the grapes, which are left in contact with the must for 6 months. Then it is aged for 6 months in used oak barrels. During the aging, the yeast is left to top the surface of the liquid. The resulting wine isn’t filtered or clarified, what adds texture and minerality to the wine.

TYPE OF GRAPES: 40% Godello, 30% Loureira Blanca, 30% Treixadura
PRICE: Over €40. Buy it online >>

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