How is Casa Batllo inside?

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Casa Batllo (Antoni Gaudi, 1904-1906) is not just one of the architect’s masterpieces, but it’s also one of the most visited sites in Barcelona and a UNESCO site, and it has recently won the award to the best cultural site in the world, thanks to the quality of their immersive visit concept. When you go inside Casa Batllo it’s not like visiting just one more building: they’ve used the latest technologies to wow you at every step, and they have invited prestigious international artists to add up to your experience.

Gaudi Dôme, one of the reasons why it's worth going inside casa batllo

You can choose different types of tickets, including more or less spaces, depending on your interests and what’s your goal for the visit. In this post we’ll help you figuring out what’s the best option for you when planning to visit the Casa Batllo interior, and to set the right expectations. Come with us exploring one of the finest modernist buildings in Barcelona, a unique place that teases your imagination and delights you with its gorgeous details.

What you’ll see inside Casa Batllo:


Gaudi Dôme

If you purchased Silver or Gold tickets, your visit of Casa Batllo starts heading downstairs to the basement where you’ll enter the Gaudi Dôme. And immersive room with over 1000 screens submerging you in the natural world that shaped the mind of Antoni Gaudi during his childhood in the countryside. You’ll see animals and plants, and their counterparts in Gaudi’s architecture. The center of the room is occupied by a representation of a Gaudi child, asleep over a drawing table, and dreaming of his future works.

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