One of my favorite meals in 2022 was, hands down, at Imprevisto. It’s a fairly recently opened restaurant where four friends who all worked together at famed Caelis have joined forces: Isabella Vivarelli, Alberto Jaime León, Luca Pinna, and Raffaelle D’Avico.

Imprevisto restaurant Barcelona

Imprevisto, Barcelona. Photo © Barcelona Food Experience.

At Imprevisto, they have put all their skills into use and are offering an excellent concept of two set menus; the Imprevisto, where the chef chooses the dishes, and the Previsto, for those who opt for no surprises. There is also an excellent, lesser-priced lunch menu that changes on a weekly basis. Overall, the price-value ratio is very much on point here: it’s hard to find tasting menus priced like this anywhere else, and the quality is excellent.

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On our visit, we had a 10-course meal with a wine pairing, and what a lovely experience it was. My absolute highlight was the cabbage with beurre blanc with grapefruit, buckwheat, and wait for it… kaffir lime. This dish was honestly one of my favorites of the year; it blew my mind.

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We thoroughly enjoyed the wines the sommelier picked out for us, and one of them I became quite obsessed with: a white Casa La Rad 2015.

Imprevisto restaurant Barcelona

Imprevisto, Barcelona. Photo © Barcelona Food Experience.

The young team at Imprevisto will make you feel very welcome and treat you to a meal you will remember. It’s truly an experience!

Imprevisto, C/ de Bailèn, 104, 08009 Barcelona (Eixample Dreta).

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