Most authentic Spanish chicken recipes you must try

Spanish chicken recipe served in a restaurant in Spain


You love chicken and want to give a Spanish touch to your family menus. Or maybe are traveling soon to Spain and want to know what Spanish chicken dishes you shouldn’t miss. But then you go online and the search results are disappointing, confusing or even… wrong! Why are so many bloggers listing recipes that aren’t authentic at all? Tell a Spaniard you are planning to add chorizo to a paella (chicken paella or not) and you’ll see what happens… Jamie Oliver did and he got called many names, even the worst thing a (bad) paella can be called: “that’s not paella, it’s rice with things”.

Also, Spaniards don’t get why people throw in olives on tray bakes… In Spain, olives go on salads, maybe on pasta, and served as appetizers, but they are rarely a part of a cooked recipe. Chicken Marbella? Don’t get fooled by its name coming from a famous beach town near Malaga: This recipe was made up in New York City in the 1980’s. And don’t get me started on using brava sauce over chicken… A Spanish abuela would tell you that’s a “marranada” (gross): salsa brava goes only over potatoes.

So enough ranting! Let me share with you what I as a local consider the top 15 traditional Spanish chicken recipes that Spaniards grow up with and continue to cook for their families and to order when they eat out. I hope you enjoy them!


Pollo al chilindron, an authentic chicken dish from the North of Spain

Pollo al chilindron: learn this Spanish chicken dish name

In Aragon there’s a cards game called “chilindron”, and apparently in the old times the winner chose who of the other players paid for everyone’s meal, “paid the chilindrón”. So eventually the name started being used to call the typical way of making chicken in Aragon, La Rioja and the Basque Country.  The recipe main ingredients are sundried sweet red chilies, that give it its characteristic red color, garlic and onion, and often some tomato sauce or dices of Spanish ham.

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