Ghost in a haunted Barcelona house


Barcelona has a dark side that many visitors aren’t aware of, but that locals fear. Scary events have taken place since the remote times of the Middle Ages. Places where wizards lived (on Carrer Estruc), witchcraft schools (Neu de Sant Cugat street), exorcism houses (7, Mirallers), hostels from where guests disappeared mysteriously (Flor de Lliri street), people that will make pacts with the devil (like the owner of the building on Josep Torres, 20, decorated with demon faces), gallows locations… We even have our own serial killer, Enriqueta Martí aka the Vampire of Barcelona, who killed orphans to make potions she’d sell to the high society.

But today we are focusing on paranormal activities: haunted houses, ghost sightings, poltergeist that have been known by Barcelona people for a long time. Some of them where impressive aparitions that happened long ago, while some other are lost souls that continue to haunt determined spots that were tied to their lives. Are you ready to dive into the dark side of Barcelona?

Historically haunted places in Barcelona


Boqueria Market (1835)

Ghost of a monk in one of the city haunted places (Barcelona, Spain)

The famous Boqueria Market was built over the ruins of the male convent of the Barefoot Carmelites of Saint Joseph. According to the story, in 1835 the monks had relaxed their way of life up to the point of deciding they weren’t going to pray on the date of their patron saint Our Lady of Carmen. Only one young monk opposed to that, but the prior of the convent didn’t care.

The next evening, when everyone was sleeping, a low sound spread through the convent awaking the monks. Still sleepy, the followed the sound that got louder as they approached the church. There they found a choir of skeletal monks singing sinister psalms. The monks decided to wait until the songs were over, then they lit up candles and led the ghosts back to their tombs in the convent cemetery. The tombs were open, and the ghost monks went back in, after which the tombstones closed back over them. 

When the monks went back to the church, they found right where the ghost choir had been singing, the corpse of the young monk that had called off the rest of the community for their actions. And 10 days later, the convent was destroyed in a fire and the monks perished in it. Since then it is said that every July 15th, on Our Lady of Carmen’s Eve, it is possible to hear the sound of ghostly steps and the voices of the dead monks singing psalms around the market.

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