Els Llums de Sant Pau

Carrer de Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 167, 08025 Barcelona

Walk along the spectacular Sant Pau -- the world's largest Art Nouveau site and enjoy the mysteries of the cosmos in this illuminated icon.

Barcelona Christmas Tour

Experience Christmas across Barcelona's iconic streets and buildings -- all decked out for holiday. The tour lasts for 1.5 hrs, starting at Plaza Catalunya.

Fira de reis

Toys, handicrafts and gifts -- what better way to prepare for Christmas and New Year. Don't miss one of Barcelona's best Christmas fairs!

The Living Nativity Scene at Mon Sant Benet

Cami de Sant Benet

What happened during Christmas at the thousand-year monastery? The Mon Sant Benet presents nativity scenes and life within the monastery during middle ages. Complete with actors and modern installations, witness the middle ages in Barcelona.

Christmas Swimming Cup

Every year, for more than 100 years, the Club Natacio Barcelona organizes a 200-meter open water swimming competition at the Port of Barcelona. Fancy a try?

Cursa des Nassos 2022

The last competition of the year for amateur runners. The Race of the Noses (aka Cursa dels Nassos) is ready to greet you again on Dec 31.

Llum BCN. Festival d’Arts Lumíniques

Llum ("light" in Catalan) is ready to illuminate Barcelona's most beautiful buildings and spaces. Running annually since 2012, the festival is expected to take place at the Poblenou district.

Sant Medir Festival

The festival of sweets in the charming district of Gracia welcomes you to celebrate. Based on a popular pilgrimage story in 1830, the festival now showcases a spectacular parade with sweets as gifts.

The Zurich Marathon in Barcelona

The Zurich Marathon in Barcelona is an annual marathon that has become a world-famous sporting event. The good weather conditions converge with the thrilling 42 km of city loop to create a relaxing environment.

Barcelona Eurovision Party

Celebrate Eurovision Song Contest in this second edition of the Barcelona Eurovision Party at the Sant Jordi Club.

Sant Jordi 2023

One of the most anticipated Catalan public holidays celebrating Saint George. Tale has it that he killed a dragon that has been terrorizing the local communities. The Sant Jordi festival has become well-renown as a celebrated Catalan festivity since the 18th century. In Catalonia, people exchange a rose and a memento on Sant Jordi's Day....